About us

Into The LimeLight Records is no stranger anymore in the metal and rock scene. Together with a wide range of professional partners LimeLight is building a great company with a lot of fantastic serivces. Based in the Netherlands LimeLight was started in 2014. With fresh new ideas how to run a record company in a difficult music business we entered the market.

After two years with ups and downs we are more confident than ever that we found a way to facilitate a lot of bands by offering a pallet of professional services to bring bands to the next level. A combination of skills, experience, the right partners and dedication from our staff and the bands that sign with us.

Because we are a commercial company like all the other labels we are always looking at ways to make a label deal work for the bands and for us. Lot's of good bands get frustrated by the fact that they cannot get a record deal or only a lousy contract. Not because they are not good enough music wise, but probably not interesting enough for labels because the investment is simply to high to make a profit or break even. Into The LimeLight Records will invest in bands but will always keep the business site in mind.

For all the other good bands that need a label and distribution and help to get bigger we developed some great packages. You can have you album professionaly marketed, released and distributed for a fixed price and be released on our label and distributed bij our partners. Read more about the conditions and packages here. If for some reason you cannot effort a package, not ready for a label deal we also have a great option to share your music through our partner, netLabel Profane Records.

If you have any questions please contact us through this form or give us a call.