Mila Masu News!!!

Yes, we have finished it and Mila Masu can annouce the following.
It was a along way but the resualt is fantastic. Don't miss to visit the FB-site from the band and give them a like and pick up the specical offer.

Happy Pre-Release-Day to us!
Jetzt vorbestellen!!

Hi Ihr Lieben!
13 Songs schicken wir ab heute langsam zu euch auf den Weg und das macht uns wahnsinnig glücklich! Wir sagen von ganzem Herzen „DANKE“ für eure Geduld. Unser Album „Klartext" erscheint am 11.03.2023 und ist ab sofort vorbestellbar.
Für alle „Schnellentschlossenen“ gibt’s auch noch ein EXTRA!
Ihr bekommt das Album 1 Tag vor Release zugeschickt + eine handsignierte Autogrammkarte.

▶ Album vorbestellen:


Hey Guys!

13 Songs are now slowly on the way to you and that makes
us really happy. From the bottom of our hearts, we wanna say “THANK YOU” for your patience. Our Album “Klartext” will be released on 11th of March 2016 and you are able to preorder
it NOW.
For all preorders we have a special gift! You`ll receive the Album
1 day before the release date + a signed card.

▶ Preorder the album:
Mila Masu

Thanx to:
Agentur EAM - Event and Artist Management ,Into The LimeLight Records,Dailyhero Recordings, Black-Keys-Tonstudio Capa Kaneda, Martin GrohsBIRGITPiCHLER Photography Pinky Sevensins