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Bands and artists are constantly looking for labels and hoping for a deal to release their music. It is difficult to find a label if you are a starting band, or a “small” band or even some of the bands with a name in the scene. In the end every record company will make a calculation to see if a band will bring in money to cover the costs involved and make some profit to pay the bills.

Of course it is possible to release your own CD. But it takes a lot of time and effort especially if you want to do it right. Think about registration at the collection agency, obtaining ISRC codes, barcode, promotion and distribution.

Into The LimeLight Records can offer a great package where we will produce and release your album for a fixed price*. The way you want to promote it is entirely up to you. Just choose one of the packages and you can add extra’s on top. We do all the work and because you pay for the package our hours and costs are covered.  We can also put your album into distribution through our partner Soulfood in Germany.

No money or not ready for an official release but you want to let the world hear your music? We have a great free option through our partner Profane Records a Metal NetLabel.

Please check out the packages below and read the terms for services and acceptance.


500 CD’s in wallet full color + full color disc print

BUDGET + further options
(no wallet cd’s)



Publish your music through free channels under a common creative license. For more information:

Free DDP Image creation

500 CD’s Jewell Case
Full color + 8 page booklet

 Distribution through Soulfood Europe coverage and world limited

Exclusive one year marketing contract


EAN Barcode, ISRC codes and Label Catalog number

Sold by the Into The LimeLight online store

Interview, review and one song  on sampler cd Magazine with 20K copies

2 advertisements in leading  magazines (1/16th page)


Registration BUMA collection agency

2 extra professional mailings to media


20% discount at ikwilookeenvideoclip.nl


Press Release by Label

Free check and help with artwork

Electronic Press Kit   

Review request to 600+ editors worldwide

Promotion and release


Promotion through our multimedia channels


Contract duration
1 year

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€ 900,00

€ 1.250,00
(or € 750,00 once
and 5 x  € 110,00)*

€ 1.950,00
(or € 1000,00 once and
10 x € 110,00)*

€ 4.000,00
(or € 2000,00 once and
10 x € 225,00)

* After acceptance 

 Apply through the form at the right

Terms and conditions


The service is basically for all bands in the rock, hard-rock and metal scene. However, before buying a package we want to listen to your material. If we (our team) decide it will not fit in our label or the quality does not meet our standards, we can decide not to release your album. It also depends on the number of albums in the planning. If you are accepted we will give you a realistic release date.  We will always contact you to finalize the contract or to let you know we can't release your album.


After signing the order/contract Into The LimeLight Records will operate as your label for one year.  You must put the logo’s of the label and distributor (if applicable) on your artwork. Before the end of the year is over we will review the project and can decide to continue, end the contract or maybe offer you a proper label deal.

All prices will be raised with 21% VAT according to Dutch law. If you are outside the Netherlands and have a VAT number we can remove the VAT from the invoice.

If you want different media to be produced like digipacks instead of cd’s or more pages in the booklet, additional fees may apply.

All packages can be changed according to your wishes but can have an effect on the price.

3. Gold package

Agentur EAM is a professional management, booking and marketing company and active for many years and is a close partner to our label. You will find the information here.  Also you can hire EAM as your booking agency or sign under management. Contact us for more information.

4. Advantages      

If you decide to go for a pre-paid package, the sales revenues will be higher (up to 50%) than when you are signed for a “regular” label deal.  In the case of a regular label deal the label will invest time and money in the band and will take a bigger share of the revenues to cover the cost and to make some profit. 

5. Installments

It is possible (not for the budget package) to pay in installments. You pay a fixed price up front and a monthly payment. Take notice to the fact that this is more costly than paying the whole package in one go. We also can decide not to grand an installment plan. This depends on the amount and information we have/collect.

Please make sure if you choose for installments you have to pay every month in time.  






If you are interested in our services, please fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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