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Into the Limelight Records: Halloween Special! This is the debut release of metal maniacs Eternal Halloween's self-titled album. Join the revolution against humanities sins , pre-order the album until October 24th to receive an EXCLUSIVE digital copyof the un-released track: In a gada da vida. This is an exceptional cover of Iron Butterfly free to your mailbox after placing an order.

The upcoming album features 11 tracks
Album Artwork by Jobert Mello (Sledgehammer Graphix)
Produced by David T Diablosky and Alexis Von Kraven
Mixed and Mastered by Emilio Garcia at Sound Village Records.

Welcome to Eternal Halloween's reign..... there will be no mercy. Stay tuned for more exclusive offers and the anticipated release October 24th!

1   Welcome to the Show
2   Eternal Halloween
3   Don't Scream at Me
4   Two Bullets
5   Hookers & Blow
6   Non Funny Clown
7   Bulletproofed
8   Strip For Me
9   Fake Gods
10   The Sabbat (You're one of Us)
11   Devil's Cry


The new video of Eternal Halloween will be released on October 8th 2016 by Into The LimeLight Records and Agentur EAM - Event and Artist Management
Eternal Halloween album coming out October 2016 via Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH
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David T Diablosky Dave Devil (Vocals)
Rudolf Dionkeldei (Keyboards & Backup Vocals)
Damien Schweinsteiger (Guitar & Backup Vocals)
Katryna Draven (Bass)
Markus Mortem (Drums)
Frank Vedder (Manager)
Melina Green (Manager and Press)
Harm Kindt (Label Manager)
Agentur EAM - Event and Artist Management 
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Eternal Halloween
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