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Into The LimeLight Records is a Dutch independant label for Rock, Metal and other heavy music styles.
With a fresh and new approach we help artists to publish and sell their music.
Read all about our methods and possibilities

Our Artists


Last Joker was founded in 1990 by Miguel Mega. Hard Rock with lot of groove and melody. A must for the lover of NWOBHM and classic Hard Rock


It has never been easy to label LYRIEL´s music. Their mix of Celtic rock, gothic metal, folk and alternative influences has a unique touch to it.


Heavy Metal as Heavy Metal should sound. This is my first though after listening to Methusalem. These Dutchmen really know their classic bands and know how to blend all of them into a great mixture.
“Distinctive groove-metal with a mix of heavy guitars, groovy drums and raw melodic vocals” These guys deliver powerful, and heavy music, and they’ve just released their new full length album ‘MOMENTUM’.

Company Profile


Into The LimeLight Records is a unique independant Dutch label. We are working with short term contracts, no choking contracts and offer a wide range of services and marketing facilities.

Digital Release

All our releases will be available on all major and smaller streaming and download sites. We can also arrange hard-copy distribution through for example Amazon and CDBaby.
Digital Release

Hardcopy Release

Into The LimeLight Records can offer a wide variety of products. CD's/Ep's in boxsets, digipacks, DVD, Vinyl and a lot more. And of course we can take care of worldwide distribution.
Hardcopy release


We can offer a wide range of services. From creating a professional DDF master image and other technical facilities to merchandise, promotion and marketing strategegy plans and so on.


As any record label we work with contracts. But we like to offer a different angle then most labels do. We can offer short term contracts as well as long term contracts. We can even offer one year contracts which automatically extend with a year. If we work well together we will keep on going. and of course we are sure it will work out for both parties. If things don't work out? No worries. After the contract is terminated we send back the masters to you and we can go our seperate ways.

We believe in long term relationships but not in choking contracts. Our agreements are simple and easy to understand. We do need to make money as a company, but we want our artists to make money as well. Interested? Contact us for more information.


Digital Release

To release your work in digital format world-wide there are lots of service providers to handle this. Into The LimeLight Records provides more services than to upload your music to all platforms. We register your music with our collection agencies and make sure that all royalties will be collected.
We also supply reports of the streams and downloads of all platforms your music is on.

Some of the platforms are:
24-7, 7digital, Akazoo, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes Beyond Oblivion, Deezer, eMusic, Google Music Store, GreatIndieMusic, iHeartRadio, Inprodicon, JB Hi-Fi, MediaNet, MixRadio, Mondia Media, Omnifone, Rdio, Rhapsody, Shazam, Slacker Radio, SoundExchange, Spotify, Tidal, Tradebit, Xbox Music, Yandex, YouTube, Music Key


Hardcopy Distribution

Most bands and artists are very keen on physical distribution. Of course you can sell copies at concerts. But most bands like to ave their music in the stores. Into The LimeLight Records can help you with this. We can offer you world wide distribution.

Altough everyone believes in their own product, also the distributors need to see the potential. Bottom line is that if they see a profit you have a chance to get a distribution contract. To go through the main distribution channels you need a very good PR and release plan and a solid proof of earlier sale records and so on. If we think there is a big potential we will help you to get your music to the distributors and hopefully it will be picked up.

The reality is that you need to be big to get a world wide distribution contract. We can offer you a different path through a smaller network to some wholesale and music stores. We will put some albums on stock here in Europe and some in a storehouse overseas in the US. From here the albums will be offered to a broad network of wholesale companies, distributors and so on. The advantage is that you don't need masses of albums in stock. Just a couple until there is interest.

We don't promise big world wide distri contracts because we like to check with reality. But we can help you to find the right channels. Into The LimeLight Records also has their own web shop where we will sell your albums as well.


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