The electronic-punk-rock-band MILA MASU from Munich is formed by four musicians, which found, that Jazz, Rockabilly and cocertguitars weren't loud enough. Punk-voice and leader of the Band Mila speaks her mind. With rude lyrics and fast riffs, as well as electrosounds, these four developed a new sound. A.K., Till and Mila formed the Band in 2011 from a studioproject and called it MILA MASU, together with producer Chris Gabler, to give the formation a live-identity, too. 2013 guitarist Leo was added to the puzzle to get complete.  
The Bandmembers: 
Bassist A.K. - He could already be seen on many stages in Europe, the USA and Japan with the most different projects. His reportoire as a live- and studiomusician includes Indie-Rock, Elecro-Pop, Glam-Rock and Rockabilly  
Drummer Till - After a lot of years with BigBand-Jazz, Blues and Rock'n'Rol in several bands he was also looking for a louder sound. At over 200 livegigs-punk, metal, goth-rock, he was keeping the leading tone. In times he is not playing drums for MILA MASU he works as an audio engineer for TV- and Radio productions.  
Guitarist Leo - He has been part of the family since february 2013. The talented newcomer, though not that new within the musicscene itself, has been part of a Munich Progressive-Metal-Band from 2005 to 2009. His maintain musical work reaches from experimental Pop over to Metal and also Electro.  
Singer and Leader Mila - She feels as save with Pop-Rock as with the metier of classical singing and loud Punk-Rock. Who's got the  opionion, he's got a say in the world, belongs to the stage- no matter if theater, clubs, festivals or radiostudios.  
MILA MASU developed a new form of ear-drum-massage for tired auditory canals and lets a fresh wind blow throughout the music szene.

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