Founded in 2007, SPARTAN is a one of a kind band. Influenced by various styles of metal, they bring forth powerful and pounding yet melodic tunes. Inspired by tales of ancient Greek mythology, their songs are themed with heroic battles, heroes, gods and demi-gods, and rich with symphonies of times past. They are characterized by the strong vocal lines, in which epic storytelling plays a major part. 

SPARTAN hails from the Netherlands, where it started out as a small project. After months of experimenting they discovered that not one style really fit the bill. A mixture of modern metalcore guitar riffs along with more heavy metal style solos, old school pounding drums, and diverse vocals balancing between thrash, black and death metal is the final result. And thus SPARTAN was born. 

They released their first CD, the EP "For Glory" in 2009, and performed the songs from this record in clubs and bars all across Holland. 

The new CD "The Fall Of Olympus" released in 2016 by Into The LimeLight Records was an instant success.

For glory they fight, never to relent in their quest to besiege every town in every country in the world. 

SPARTAN is ready to rock, 
And by the gods they shall!



ITTLR 16001


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