Heavy Metal as Heavy Metal should sound. This is my first though after listening to Methusalem. These Dutchmen really know their classic bands and know how to blend all of them into a great mixture. It’s the perfect balance between Iron Maiden, Helloween and Judas Priest, with all their classic elements present. Tons of (twin) guitar solo’s, High Pitched vocals, you name it and they’ve got it.
The guys from Methusalem sound like they just stepped out of the eighties to “Bring you the Bible of Steel”!. I cannot believe that nobody has signed these guys yet, since they are so obviously talented. (Vampire Magazine)

Very impressive traditional metal from Holland. This is a five piece band playing traditional metal as it should be played. METHUSALEM is obviously inspired by a number of classical metal acts including IRON MAIDEN, PRAYING MANTIS, and other early 80's metal acts. Vocals are clean; twin guitars sound crisp, thick, fast, and well matched; drums are technically adept and the bass line is Maiden-esque. Damn, this is some great shit. What a incredible potential this band has! Here is a group of folks who honor the past and bring a heavy dose of NWOBHM styled metal to the forefront in 2012! Fans of traditional metal will eat this up! (Heart Of Steel)





ITTLR 17002

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